5 female masturbation films to get you hot

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As we come to the end of our Masturbation Month of May, we thought we should share a round-up of 5 of our fabulous female masturbation films that we find so hot, having focused on our male masturbation films at the beginning of the month. There’s something so exhilarating about witnessing a woman take control over her own sexual pleasure—to be allowed to watch such an intimate act is arousing indeed. In these lockdown times when solo fun might be your only source of sexual release, we thought we’d bring you some visual inspiration. We have lots of gorgeous masturbation films and we’ve put together our April top five for you to enjoy.

Sit back, relax and let your hands roam as you share in the ultimate personal indulgence.

1 – Over and Over Again

from the film OVER & OVER AGAIN

We are utterly in love with Luna and her lush lesson in how to please herself. Luna is a master of self-arousal and knows exactly what she wants and how she needs to be touched. Her commentary while she caresses her gorgeous body is glorious and empowering. She’s taking you with her on a journey of pleasure as you witness every touch, thought and feeling. Luna knows how to express herself and is completely in control of her own arousal. Using a bullet vibrator to tease her labia and clitoris, there’s no hiding the build-up to several orgasms one after the other. A real beauty of a masturbation film and one of our all-time favourites.
2 – The Looking Glass

Woman masturbating in front of her mirror in beautiful artistic erotica photo

from the film THE LOOKING GLASS

A slow and sensual self-seduction, the beautiful Emilya looks like she is getting ready for a night out but things take a different twist as she realises that she like what she sees in the mirror a little too much. Taking her time to look at her body, move sensually as if dancing and seducing herself gives this film a very sexy build up. As she reaches for the tube of moisturiser, and lathers it over her thighs and shins, you can see a decision has been made to apply the lotion in more sexual way. A delicious glimpse into feminine arousal. Her hands are everywhere, enjoying every part of her body, you can almost smell the sweet sensual body oil she’s using, almost see her lover’s hands caress her too. Emilya takes her time to lean back and take some more selfies, we can only imagine the lucky lover who she might be sending them to. When she finally does reach down and start fingering herself, her pussy is soaking and all the sexy wet sounds of a woman fucking herself is almost as arousing at the display itself. And the final selfie? A spread wide sated pussy.

3- Gagged

Elegant woman sat on chair wearing a ball gag

from the film GAGGED

How about having an accomplice to your voyeurism? In this film, the beautiful Rhiannon is gagged and wearing the most exquisite black lingerie and sheer top which seductively shows off her breasts. Has she been instructed by her watching lover? Did he place the ball gag on and tell her what he wanted to see? Did he instruct her to give her pussy a good pounding with the ribbed black dildo? It is a very sensual treat watching Rhiannon be so uninhibited in front of her lover, giving herself over to her pleasure for his, and your eyes. She clearly loves it and rubs her clit with one hand while fucking herself deep with the other. You wonder at her lover’s self-control as he swirls his glass of brandy, how can he resist going over and joining in? A real teaser of a film where Rhiannon becomes completely undone under the watchful gaze of her lover… with an invitation to come back for more.
4 – Plugged Pleasure

Butt Plug Pleasure | FrolicMe.com

from the film PLUGGED PLEASURE

Sometimes overlooked as a solo pursuit, anal play can bring wonderful sensations during masturbation—the many nerve endings in the anus can tip pleasure into something even bigger. In this film, we get to watch Saskia seducing herself while getting ready for the evening. Sitting by her dressing table, she’s really luxuriating in her preparations when her attention is grabbed by a small organza bag containing a bejewelled butt plug. Saskia can’t resist and begins tonguing the toy, getting it good and lubricated for some rear entry. This is a deliciously naughty film and Saskia plays with her pussy and her clit first and we, as the excited audience, all will her on to push the plug into her darkest of seductive places—her beautiful derriere. It is a great joy to see a woman owning her pleasure and giving herself over completely to all the wonderful sensations her body can bring. Once a sordid taboo, anal fun is now becoming a much more acceptable and natural way to play. After all, if we weren’t meant to do it, why does it feel so good? A very hot solo film.

5 – Got The Vibe

Woman enjoying orgasmic pleasure from sex toy

from the film GOT THE VIBE

And no masturbation list would be complete without something from the wonderful Cherry. This film is a glorious celebration of masturbation with a vibrator that clearly brings lots of fun and joy to Cherry’s solo play. Bright and beautiful setting you can see all the details as cherry explores her body, opening herself up to orgasmic pleasures on her lush bathroom floor. Light spills in through the big windows and we are drawn to Cherry’s sheer joy and delight in the ways her own body can please her. And that’s what our films featuring masturbation are all about, A celebration of our bodies and just how much intense pleasure they can bring.

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The post 5 female masturbation films to get you hot appeared first on FrolicMe.