Are you cunnilingual? Here are some top tips on becoming a cunning linguist

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What is cunnilingus?

Cunnilingus is the act of sexually stimulating the vulva with your mouth. It can be a deeply intimate act and can require some trust and communication between both (or more) parties to enable a truly toe-curling orgasm. It can also be called in more casual terms eating pussy, rug munching, and muff diving, all in reference to the act of giving and receiving oral pleasure which can be incredible!

Preparation and hygiene for oral pleasure

How you prepare yourself physically for sex is up to you, however, the one tip we definitely want to flag up before feasting on your lover’s precious bits is to be aware of what you may have recently had in your mouth! If you’ve just got all fresh and clean and brushed your teeth for the main event, the minty toothpaste might cause a bit too much of a peppermint tingle which can be off-putting for some people.

Want to get in the mood for cunnilingus? Watch oral sex onscreen

Cunnilingus, pussy licking, oral sex – all extremely popular in our erotic films catalogue with a variety of films featuring some great oral sex scenes to browse through – here’s a few to get you started and your partner might indicate which moves they’d like to try: Winter Feast as a couple enjoy a sexual feast on a table, or Sticky Fig as a couple enjoy natural outdoor sex, and English Garden for some explicitly naughty lesbian sex in the garden.

Let’s begin on the body… elsewhere

Whether the oral sex is an appetiser or main event, you’ll want to arouse each other in other ways first to be sure of a real burning desire and by the time the tip of your tongue touches those genitals, they will be begging for more.

Best position for cunnilingus

The most obvious position is for the pleasure receiver is to be lying back with legs parted. It can be good to place a pillow underneath the hips to allow for easier access to the vulva. The ‘giver’ can either kneel in between the thighs or off the bed on the floor.

The receiver can also crouch over the face of the giver, a move called facesitting. We’re focussing on lying back for this article but you can apply most of the moves to any position.

Where on the body to explore

Begin by gently inhaling your lover’s perfumes and letting them know by your moans of how desired they are. Due to lack of sexuality education and ridiculous notions of female pleasure, some women feel embarrassed by their vulvas and haven’t been taught to celebrate their beauty and wonder. Take a moment to worship their vulva. Take a look at everything mapping out where you would like to taste and tease. There are so many erogenous zones surrounding the vulva, including the tops of the inner thighs, the anus and perineum, the mons pubis and if they can handle it without being too ticklish, the hips can be a very sensual place to start, kissing and licking there.

The full vulva area is incredible to taste, lick and explore with your tongue.

Woman licking a woman's vulva during cunnilingusKeep away from the clitoris!

By nibbling gently on the inner lips (labia minora) and circling the vagina entrance, you will be driving the clit wild with desire to be in on the action. If your partner starts wiggling their hips and bucking their pelvis you know you’re on the right path.

When you are both ready, part the lips gently and nose your way up to the tip of the clitoris. Go very gently here, run your tongue over the clitoral hood and even flatten your tongue out to get a feel for the area, taking note of the ridges and bumps and feeling for the swelling and hardening of the clitoris itself. The clit is full of erectile tissue just like a tiny penis but is packed with more nerve endings per millimetre. More than 8,000 in the tip alone!

Press your tongue and move slowly, always be monitoring for your partner’s reactions, are the moaning are they silent? Remember, silence does not always mean they aren’t enjoying themselves, sometimes they are so deep in the pleasurable sensations, silence is all they can muster.

Speed up a little and start gaining a rhythm on the clit, not too hard, keep gauging the reactions, do they grab your hair and pull you in hard at a certain motion? Well, keep that one up for sure!

Every vulva is different, what works for some won’t work for others. Some like pressure on one side of the clit some can take a direct tonging right on the clit, some only through the labia. The clitoris is an intensely sensitive organ and it can easily become too much very quickly.

Woman enjoying cunnilingus and fingering Keep up the pressure on the clitoris

If it’s working, keep going! It can take up to forty-five minutes for someone to climax through oral (sometimes longer!)– and once you’ve found the perfect groove, chances are, sticking to the same rhythm is going to amp up the pleasure nicely. You might think as things seem to be nearing the big moment, that you need to thrust harder, switch positions, or try a new technique, the answer is probably, NO! For the love of God do NOT stop what you are doing!

But what if?

So perhaps you’re not getting the signals or the juices flowing – then it’s time to try out other moves.

Here are some possibilities to try out:

Circle the clit and hood with your tongue.
Try a side to side
Gently suckle on the clit – this might have incredible results – the air suction toys are some vulvas’ best friends!
Lick through underwear! This can incredibly erotic – especially if your partner’s clitoris is very sensitive.

Listen carefully during any oral sex

To body language and sounds – to reiterate – silence is not always a bad thing!

Add another dynamic

If your partner consents, sliding a finger inside can be explosive! Especially if you’ve held off doing so for a while. You can stimulate the G-spot – the spongy area on the front wall of the vagina near the entrance.

What to expect at the brink of orgasm

Your partner may go rigid or still. Again DO NOT STOP what you are doing unless they squirm away or tell you to stop. They may release fluid, they may squirt, try to hold on and just revel in it, don’t appear shocked or stop – it is involuntary and it may be the first time it has happened! If so – go you!

A move you might not have tried

Slide a finger or butt plug into the anus for a mindblowing orgasm! Always remember never to transfer bacteria from anus to vulva – only ever go from vulva first unless you are cleaning things thoroughly in between.


Don’t expect much from your blissed-out partner for a while! If you’ve tipped them over the edge into orgasmic oblivion, they may need a few moments to come back down. Caressing other parts of the body, lying beside them, cuddling all feel amazing at this point. Bask together in the cunnilingus pleasure and intimacy you’ve just shared.

The post Are you cunnilingual? Here are some top tips on becoming a cunning linguist appeared first on FrolicMe.