Saucy suggestions for a sexy seasonal sesh

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Ok so office parties are out—meeting up with friends is out—family gatherings are possibly now a no-no…

What’s left to fill our yuletide yearnings? We may have a suggestion or two!

While we have the time to make merry with just a select few people or simply ourselves, what better sexy Christmas gift than unadulterated shame-free pleasure!

We’ve got some ideas to ramp up your lustful longings to make sure your stockings are well and truly stuffed with sexual delights! Remember if you purchase a membership, print our special Christmas Gift Voucher to write a special message to present to a loved one. read more

How to put a sparkle in your stocking this year!

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Yes, it is that time of year when we hasten our thoughts on purchasing something very special for our loved ones. A caring, thoughtful, downright sexy as hell gift we can even share!

As we all deserve a special sexy treat more than ever this year, consider purchasing one of my annual memberships. You can enjoy a whole year’s worth of fun and present this sexy Christmas gift with one of my personalised gift vouchers. If you’re running tight on time, you can purchase immediately right up to Christmas Eve. No need to worry about it not arriving in the post! read more

The joys of deep throating your lover

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I remember the first time I had oral sex. Boy was I naïve! He was barely twenty, had been obsessed with porn and now wanted me to get face-fucked. Little me, barely legal, had no clue and agreed that he could ram his cock into my face. It even sounded kind of cool. Not surprisingly, it turned out to me a miserable experience for me, and I seriously doubt he had much fun either. We both figured, there had to be a better way. read more

Build a safe sex bubble and find ways to get some lovin’

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Single people have really had a tough year.

Casual hook-ups have been pretty much forbidden, according to government law, intimacy is a thing of the past and most of us can’t remember the last time we hugged another human being.

No orgasms, no spooning, no one stroking your arm in bed.

A lack of human connection actually has a direct link to our wellbeing, according to a new study by the dating website Badoo, which reveals that 55% of British people say that not dating or having sex has affected their mental health negatively. read more

My Confession by BiHubby cont…

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21 years after losing my virginity with a girl, I’m suddenly open to losing my virginity to a guy.

If you are in the lifestyle you know that ‘single’ guys are more freely available than anything else, and even though most profiles are fake or they chicken out, finding a guy easier than anything else.

Having done exactly that many times in the past, there’s no surprises if my wife informs me of someone coming over, I know anything can happen. read more

The joys of photographing your lover nude

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Him: “What a joy to play with people who like to capture the moment.”

Her: “What a joy to play with people who make every moment worth capturing.”

This was an exchange in a group chat the morning after I had introduced a regular partner to a good friend of mine and oh, what a lot of joy we had captured.

As I sat down to write this post, I started to think about my Venn diagram of sex and photography and I realised it’s actually a circle. Well, at least if you only consider the period since I started Exposing40 five years ago. I didn’t set out to create an artistic project that was a gateway to capture sex scenes, moments of quiet intimacy or celebratory studies of my partners’ bodies, but that is somehow what I have ended up doing. Every sexual partner I have had in the last five years has either been photographed by me or been the photographer and in many cases both. From the person who I spent just one afternoon with to the relationship that lasted nearly seven years, countless moments have been captured. read more

How to talk dirty with your partner

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Often we think of two main orifices when it comes to sex, but what about our mouths? The term “dirty talk” is a vague one. Does it mean demeaning someone? Calling them a dirty cum slut? Is it more of romantic erotic literature or a reputation of ‘you like that’s?’

Dirty talk sometimes feels like sexual improv, which can be a daunting task to take on. Fear not, my budding sexual warriors, the smutty spoken word doesn’t have to be nearly as hard as it seems. A large assumption is that there is no work or thought put into the dirty talk ahead of time—a rolling off the tongue at a moment’s notice in the act of coitus. It’s not to say you have to write a script out ahead of time, but ideally, you should have an understanding of what your person responds to before you start calling them a filthy whore while they’re butt naked. read more

What is it like living with Endometriosis?

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Endometriosis can be a painful and often debilitating condition where tissues similar to the lining of the uterus (Endometrium) grow outside the womb yet still behave as if they were part of the menstrual cycle—thickening, breaking down and shedding once a month in a painful way—bleeding where there’s no escape through the cervix or vagina.

The symptoms associated with Endometriosis

Symptoms can include extremely painful periods, painful intercourse, excessive bleeding, infertility, pain with bowel movements or urination—especially during mensuration. read more

My Confession by BiHubby

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Let’s start with some important and juicy background information to make this confession clearer. It’s been roughly two years since I’ve opened up to my wife by sharing my fantasies about secret bi-curiosity feelings I have.

My wife is 35, short and surely the one choice I will never regret. We have been married now for roughly 12 years and been together for 17 years. What we had before me opening up was good—what we have after coming out is bloody amazing! We are closer now and have a connection most couples only dream of. read more

Great tips for writing your hottest erotica

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Reading erotica is one of life’s joys, and we truly celebrate this artform here at FrolicMe, understanding how a story to accompany one of our erotic films can add to the full sensual experience. You can completely wrap yourself up and tantalise all of your senses. Adding your imaginative mind to visual storytelling can really enhance your experience, especially if you’ve been struggling with your libido. After all, our own minds are one of the most fruitful erogenous zones we possess. read more

My Confession by Captainjack

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It all began as a Google search.

My wife had read all of the 50 Shades of Grey books and taken me to all of the erotic movies. As a man, the movies were but an appetizer.

I didn’t know just how much of E.L. James’ books were a fantasy for my wife or how much were her actual desires. I knew that our home wouldn’t accommodate a red room of pain, although we had often talked about creating one, once our children were out of the house. read more

5 Hot kissing films that will get you puckering up

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We thought we’d pull together some of our favourite sex films that include the underrated, yet oh so romantic art of kissing. As you know, a good romance often ends with a delicious kiss and that’s where the eroticism and passion take over. As the song goes…
It started with a kiss…

From the film INSATIABLE

Now if ever a kiss were to leave you in a puddle of your own dripping desire this is it. Luna and Ricky just sizzle on screen as they move back and forth melting into a beautiful moment of fervent smooching. The beginning of this erotic film is just gorgeous. It’s romantic, tender and ignites the passion between the two lovers, letting us know we are truly in for a treat as the chemistry builds. Ricky, still kissing Luna as if it were his last feast, dips his hand into the towelling robe to Luna’s naked breasts, showing how sexually responsive this kiss has made them both. The teasing and touching fans the flames until we are all burning up with lust and desire to see this gorgeous couple fuck each other’s brains out! read more

My Confession by Naughty Voyeur

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A while ago, in an article about being naked on a beach,  I mentioned seeing a rather naughty incident on a beach in the Caribbean.

Of course, back then, I was revealing all anyway. My wife and I were totally naked on the beach. We were pretty much alone. That wasn’t surprising really as it was only 10am and there had been a big carnival in town the previous evening and not many people were yet up. We had just enjoyed our first skinny dip of the day and were sitting back on our loungers when a couple, rather smartly dressed, appeared at the side of the beach. They both had drinks and shoes in their hands, and it was pretty evident they had been partying for a long time. read more

Are you cunnilingual? Here are some top tips on becoming a cunning linguist

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What is cunnilingus?

Cunnilingus is the act of sexually stimulating the vulva with your mouth. It can be a deeply intimate act and can require some trust and communication between both (or more) parties to enable a truly toe-curling orgasm. It can also be called in more casual terms eating pussy, rug munching, and muff diving, all in reference to the act of giving and receiving oral pleasure which can be incredible! read more

Pegging, what is it all about?

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Firstly, what the hell is pegging?

Pegging is a sex act where a person wearing a strap on penetrates another anally. Typically the person being penetrated has a prostate, though any individual can be pegged or do the pegging. The term ‘pegging’ was only recently introduced as a name for the act, which didn’t even have a definition in the dictionary. The name ‘pegging’ was made popular when it was the winning entry in a competition run by Dan Savage’s Savage Love, a sex advice column to find a word that described pegging sex. It has gained momentum and the act is now generally known as pegging in English. read more

Confession by Jewels 72

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It’s one of my top fantasies and I made it happen this weekend.

My husband doesn’t give me the sexual attention that I crave so badly so I decided to spice things up.

I used to be a very shy kinda girl, don’t get me wrong I have always loved sex. I just was to worried about what people would think of the things I fantasised about.

Until I met J, no one has EVER been able to turn me on like that before. We told each other everything, I want to try everything with him. My pussy gets so hot, dripping wet, instant orgasms, without even touching him. read more

Those naughty Victorians who got us all spanking

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Spanking and erotic stories are no stranger to each other, but where did it all start? We asked Violet Fenn to give us a glimpse into the saucy reading habits of the naughty Victorians and why they enjoyed a good thrashing between the pages.

Spanking and flagellation were popular topics in erotic literature of the nineteenth century, almost certainly encouraged by the very Victorian belief that any sexual desires that didn’t fit the ‘norm’ probably deserved to be punished. read more

The male ejaculation – jet or dribble?

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If you are a connoisseur of the erotic films on FrolicMe you will no doubt have paid particular attention to those delicious moments when the actors—men and women—reach their orgasm. And, in many cases for the women, it’s orgasms—plural. Just look at Daisy Steel in My First Film, it’s difficult to count the number of times she brings herself to a climax.

But here I’m going to focus on the men and when they come (I appreciate that there is a discussion about the spelling of that word and many opt for cum. I’m very firmly in the come camp so please bear with me if you are in the cum one!). Sometimes the male ejaculation is explosive and a jet of semen coats the bloke’s partner, or indeed partners. Other times there is just a dribble. read more

How to master dirty talk via sexting like a pro

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When it comes to talking dirty to one’s partner, some find it alluring and others feel completely embarrassed and want to run for the hills. Nevertheless, in the times that we’re living in with world-wide pandemics, strict lockdown orders, and seemingly perpetual quarantine, using our words as a substitute for touch is important now more than ever.

According to Sharmistha Dubey, chief executive of Match Group, owner of dating groups including Tinder, OkCupid, etc., there has been a swarm in traffic across multiple dating apps since the end of February, noting an increase of the average number of daily messages by nearly 30 per cent. So, now makes the perfect time to get acquainted with mastering the art of dirty talk through sexting and preparing for what to say when meeting your hook-ups in person when it’s safe to do so. read more

Frolicme Friday tips for pleasurable anal sex

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If you have been considering exploring the sensation and pleasure anal sex can bring, here are some wonderful top tips to put you fully in the picture to ensure your first time is a positive experience.

Hygiene preparation for pleasurable anal sex

Take time to plan your anal session – schedule it in and let the anticipation build for days in a row. Most people worry about the natural bodily functions which is only natural so you can mitigate any accidents by tending you your bottom with an anal douche or enema. Some people like to aid this by eating light meals the day before. read more

Pain as Pleasure – you can’t beat a beating…

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Just what is it about some kinds of physical pain that has some of us writhing in pleasure?

We all know that pleasure releases chemicals, like dopamine, into your body to give you that blissed-out feelgood sensation but did you know that pain also releases these endorphins? Scans on the brain during orgasm have shown that both the pleasure and pain areas in the brain are stimulated. So if these areas are so closely linked, can pain really cross into pleasure and do some people feel it (or perhaps try it) more keenly than others? Perhaps this brain chemistry does go a long way to providing an explanation—during pain, the brain will also release pain killers such as adrenalin and anandamide (name derives from the Sanskrit word ananda, which means joy, bliss, delight). Sounds like a dream cocktail to me! read more

6 Hot sex videos for the naughty voyeur in you

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So we are all a naughty voyeur and love a bit of watching, don’t we? At its essence, it’s what our porn films are all about! The joy of looking as other people fuck. The thrill of getting caught, the tease of the person you’re watching—do they know? Are they performing that little bit extra to make sure you get a very good view? We love portraying the illicit thrill of voyeurism in our FrolicMe films and thought we’d get you in the mood for some peeping action by bringing you this round up of six of our favourites. Don’t see your favourite? Then browse through our full erotic films category of voyeur sex films for more. read more

Lockdown sex, how is your libido coping?

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With many of us living apart from partners or single, I decided to find out how your sex lives have been going and what you’re thinking about the easing of lockdown. Are people gagging on a shagging or has lockdown locked down our libidos? If you’re living with your lover has it enhanced your sex life or torn it to shreds?

I asked all sorts of people in different situations and found it’s been a very strange and interesting time. Some fantastic experiences, some not so. But for those living alone, how will it feel to get out there and have post lockdown sex with actual other humans again? read more

How to touch a vulva (and everything else you need to know)

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There is not enough attention paid to the vulva and we’ve decided that’s cancelled.

I think I can speak for every sex educator on Earth when I say that if I hear one more person call the entire female genital structure a ‘vagina’, I am going to scream. I would gladly stay in quarantine for another 6 months to have the world properly label female anatomy and use the correct words when describing it to others. read more

What is squirting?

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Mentioned as ‘female semen’ in the Kama Sutra, squirting has been around for a very long time but still seems shrouded in mystery. We decided to delve deep and uncover some facts from Lola Jean a sex educator and squirting World Record Holder.

What is squirting?

Earth-shattering, leg shaking, breathless, soaked, saturated and exhausting orgasm. That’s what you want to hear girls squirting is like, right?

Unless you’ve been living under a—presumably dry—rock, you’ve probably heard this thing called squirting. A hotly debated topic that, despite having barely any research on the matter, many claim to know quite a lot about the subject. And let me tell you, as the world record holder in volume squirting (solo) there’s nothing I love more than when people try to mansplain my body to me… read more

My confession by anonymous

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I confess… to having sex on a train.

And it was an absolutely jam-packed train too. It was in a corridor and couldn’t have been more public.

So what drove two very ordinary, law-abiding and well brought up young people to do something so outrageous as partaking of sex on a train?

Rewind a few weeks to where it all began. My girlfriend at the time was a stunning blonde with legs that everyone envied. She had fantastic breasts, too. And also a cute butt and breathtakingly electric blue eyes. I adored her from the moment I saw her. She was a goddess. I spent the whole year at university trying to get noticed. So did everyone else. read more

Pelvic floor, top tips on how to work those muscles for pelvic phwoar

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Births, incontinence, sexual trauma can leave some woman and vulva owners feeling disconnected to their sexual selves, ignoring or burying their problem through shame, lack of education and resources. If it doesn’t function as it should, it gets ignored—orgasms often the last thing health care professionals mention.

One woman is fighting back against shame and stigma and helping women to take charge of their vulvas and power on up to a mighty pelvic floor, better sex life and stronger orgasms! read more

Online censorship, censoring our sex

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The West has a very long history of censoring sex. In 1580 for example, English politician William Lambarde drafted the first bill to ban “licentious” and “hurtful… books, pamphlets, ditties, songs, and other works that promote the art of “lascivious ungodly love”. 440 years later and the struggle between freedom of expression and government censorship shows no sign of letting up. The battleground is now the internet and the fight is on to purge the digital world of “lascivious ungodly love”. read more

My confession by Jodi

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I used to travel on the bus to see my partner, the road was long and windy. One day, I found I’d sat on the seat by the wheel hub. With each corner, the seat rattled and vibrated leaving me excitedly moist between the legs.

I remember wondering how long it would be before the sun went down and whether I could hold onto my desires until I’d reach my partner’s house. I knew that I could—it would be pretty bad not to be able to, but my imagination started to go wild. It’s like the bus’s vibrations were triggering flashbacks of every intimate moment I’d ever experienced. read more

Hotwife or stag and vixen fantasy? Is this lifestyle more popular than we thought?

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What is a hotwife and the stag and vixen Lifestyle?

A Hot wife is a married woman who has sex outside the marriage with full consent of her husband—sometimes her husband is included in the action by watching or even taking part in a threesome. Other times, the husband is elsewhere—waiting to hear every juicy detail afterwards or to be sent texts and videos during the live-action. Either scenario is always played out with full knowledge and encouraged by all involved, forming an intrinsic part of the couple’s own sexual stag and vixen fantasy world. read more

5 female masturbation films to get you hot

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As we come to the end of our Masturbation Month of May, we thought we should share a round-up of 5 of our fabulous female masturbation films that we find so hot, having focused on our male masturbation films at the beginning of the month. There’s something so exhilarating about witnessing a woman take control over her own sexual pleasure—to be allowed to watch such an intimate act is arousing indeed. In these lockdown times when solo fun might be your only source of sexual release, we thought we’d bring you some visual inspiration. We have lots of gorgeous masturbation films and we’ve put together our April top five for you to enjoy. read more

10 Tips on how to finger fuck her vulva

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Preparation and hygiene

Wash your hands and make sure the nails on the fingers you intend to use are clean and clipped, or at least filed smooth with no ragged edges.
If your lover is prone to squirting pop some towels underneath you both.

Get some nicely warmed lube close to hand.

Start with the mind and other erogenous zones, turning her on before you even touch her vulva. Read some erotica, watch some sexy films, listen to audio porn or even simply tell her what you’d like to do. read more

Understanding cock rings

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Usually worn at the base of the shaft, their fundamental function is to hold your penis tight, and this leads to a firmer hard cock and fuller erection. Not only can this prolong the action, but it can also enhance pleasure for all parties involved. Also referred to as penis rings, I am a fan of these gorgeous toys. If you have seen the film Insatiable, you’ve probably noticed that Luna slipped a cock ring on Ricky and the resulting enjoyment it brought to both of them. read more

My confession by Dee Michelle

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I had been considering this for a while….being a unicorn, I mean.

I realised that I was bisexual a few years ago when I was in my mid-30s. My husband supported and encouraged me to be with women from time to time. I did, quite happily.

It was hard to find someone for more than a one-night stand. I really wanted a girlfriend on the side. Everyone I found online seemed to only want a unicorn. Most appeared to be looking to appease the male’s desire. For me, I needed the woman to want this. I didn’t want to be with another man. But I couldn’t find the right fit, a friends-with-benefits girlfriend. read more

Masturbation films, our top 5 hot male solo films for May

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Because May is Masturbation Month, we thought we’d share a round-up of five of our fabulous male masturbation films where our leading gents indulge in some delicious solo pleasure.

Masturbation is such an intimate act and to be allowed to watch, to have access and permission to indulge in a voyeuristic fantasy, is a unique experience indeed. We’ve collated some of our favourites to get you amped up and ready for your own masturbation time. Setting aside time for yourself and your own pleasure is not just a sexy treat, but really, an essential part of your self-care routine. And let’s face it, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a few tips and ideas to inspire that desire. read more

I have wanted to kiss girls for years but I am not a lesbian

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I’ve wanted to kiss girls for about 30 years. But as I also wanted to kiss boys and that’s what was expected of me, that is exactly what I did.

Boyfriends in my teens, one long term relationship, then a year of fun fucking anything with a cock, before I met my husband. Yet I’ve always had girl crushes, but never felt I could explore them or kiss them, until now.

I’m among a growing number of middle-aged (40+) women who are discovering new sides to their sexuality. But why have we waited until now to push these personal boundaries? read more

Why embracing female pleasure is the key to a happy life and self-love

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Let’s talk about masturbation. If you have a vulva, this is a loaded topic. It is often rife with messages of shame, discomfort, and a general lack of knowledge.

According to a 2020 survey by SKYN condoms, 83 per cent of people equate intimacy with sex and want that with a partner, yet the orgasm gap still exists. Only 4 per cent of women and vulva-owners report having orgasms through penetrative sex on a consistent basis. Most of us, regardless of gender, want our partners to be satisfied during sex. So why aren’t we all coming? The problem lies in a three-pronged, interconnected set of issues: sex education is startlingly undertaught, porn has become default sex education, and as women and those raised females, we aren’t taught to prioritize female pleasure or our sexual wants. “I was always taught that sex was about pleasing a man and I spent so many years sleeping with dozens of shitty partners,” remembers Melissa Vitale, 27, a New York-based publicist. “If I had masturbated and embraced female pleasure more in high school it may not have taken literally 14 partners before I had my first orgasm.” read more

Women and sexuality

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When we think about women and sex or women’s sexuality, one of the things that we are told most often and clearly is that women are not very sexual. The reasons we are given for this idea vary widely: women are from Venus and therefore romance is more important to them than sex, so the only reason that most women deign to have sex is to secure love and romance. Therefore, women have no interest in things like casual sex because they can only enjoy sex with a romantic connection. At other times, our society tells us that the reason that women are more interested in love than sex because women simply don’t experience as much pleasure during sex.  As a result, we are told that women need to be gamed or tricked into sex. read more

Fantasise about a hot threesome? Here’s 8 reasons why you really should

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In this study, over 4,000 people were surveyed and 89% named a hot threesome as their top fantasy. Straight men preferred to have two female lovers and straight women did not express a preference either way.

So just what is the appeal of the threesome fantasy?

Threesomes have been around for as long as people have been having sex, and even depicted in ancient art. Here’s an image from Wikipedia 1st C  – and 510 BC  It is still seen as slightly taboo or in some cases even damaging to relationships, but it’s our belief here at FrolicMe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good old session of ménage-a-trois musings. read more

My Confession by Positive

The post My Confession by Positive appeared first on FrolicMe.

This is my story of how I went from a very dull, almost non-existent sex life to having some great excitement and fun.

It all happened about three years ago.

I’d been married for 30 years, I won’t say happily, and in a really low place with no sex life to speak of and wanting to see what was out there. My wife was the only women that I’d had sex with to that point, but it had become infrequent and very vanilla and boring when it did happen. read more

I’ve been a bad girl… when you think you deserve a sexy spanking

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Have you ever felt that thrill running down the back of your neck when you’ve done something a little naughty and got away with it? Like perhaps you didn’t wear your knickers to work, or ‘forgot’ to close the curtains while you were getting changed. Maybe you didn’t put the money in the meter at a parking spot but were somehow disappointed not to see a ticket. Did you watch a saucy film on your phone on the tube, not quite hiding the screen? read more

My Confession by DeSailor

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Noisy! It was very noisy.

There were a lot of people at our place, from both our families. We couldn’t even sit together.

Since the whole thing was not something that was planned, it had put a spanner in our idea to spend the day snuggling and fucking and cuddling. And we hadn’t had sex in a few days, so both of us had been looking forward to alone time.
And there we were, her wearing a sleeveless top, looking sexy as always, me in a T-shirt and shorts, sitting at opposite ends of the room, locking our lust-filled eyes at every possible opportunity. read more

The Chaiamo, 10 speed classic vibrator from Rocks Off

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Here is the Chaiamo from Rocks Off,  a beautiful looking vibrator. I am not a huge fan of phallic-shaped sex toys on myself (though I absolutely love watching them being used on others – especially this ) so for an insertable dildo, this ticked a few boxes for me. Sleek and elegant, almost the shape of a new lipstick, it is stylish and versatile.

The Chaiamo vibrator packaging is classy and simple and the toy itself is fully submersible and rechargeable. Delightfully, it comes ready charged so the excitement of having new mail is not interrupted as you eagerly unwrap the gift to yourself. It comes in three colours, deep crimson, black and turquoise. I chose turquoise and love this colour for a sex toy. read more

Erotic audio – 6 reasons why you need to get down and dirty with some aural pleasures!

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Have you listened to our sumptuous new erotic audio porn yet? Oh my, let yourself slip into something more comfortable (aka headphones) and let us talk dirty to you! Here’s why:

1. Intimate

Letting sexy words wind into your ear zone is intimate and tantalising. Someone talking dirty straight into your mind is a truly exciting and unique experience. The words snake into your brain, arousing all those juicy imaginative erogenous zones and can trigger physical responses too. Just relax and let the voice bring you to places of desire and pleasure, magnifying and expanding your own experience in a way reading can’t. read more

How pleasure apps are changing the way we learn about sex

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Pleasure. Intimacy. Self-love. Creativity. Exploration. What are the chances that these words are associated with your memory of sex education in school? Unlikely.

Sex education, if you even received any, is typically centred around contraception and the prevention of pregnancy and STIs. Of course, these are essential topics, but isn’t it odd that pleasure—something that brings humans joy—is considered even more taboo than the fear-mongering topics of pain and disease? read more

5 Erotic Lesbian Stories

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Frolicme has a huge library of erotic stories to complement the films that satisfy your visual hunger. Erotic lesbian stories can seduce you even further, enhancing your arousal, teasing and taking you down into delicious all-encompassing sensual experience.

As Amy Norton explores in this article, Lesbian Porn is a hugely popular genre for straight, bi, gay and simply curious women alike. Sticking with this theme we thought we’d share some sexy lesbian stories of sapphic sensuality for you immerse yourself in. read more

What’s the big deal with lesbian porn?

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The first pornography I ever saw was lesbian porn.

I didn’t go looking for it. It was 2006, I was sixteen years old and using my boyfriend’s computer while he was out at work. I noticed he’d left a tab open, went to close it, and… there on the screen was a full-on, hardcore girl-on-girl scene.

I couldn’t look away. I turned the sound right down (his parents were home!) and watched the entire scene beginning to end. I don’t think I masturbated to it, although I was definitely extremely aroused by the end. And that is how a three-year-long battle with my sexuality began. read more

How to Introduce Spanking Into Your Relationship

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You watched porn with a spanking scene you can’t stop thinking about. Maybe your partner smacked your bottom during sex. Or maybe you’ve read enough erotica, had enough conversations, and masturbated enough to know that you want to be spanked. But how do you bring it into your relationship? Where do you begin, and how do you do it safely in a way that still feels amazing?

Here’s what you need to know to introduce spanking into your relationship.

Think About What You Want

Before you can talk to your partner about spanking or any other kinky fun, you need an idea of what you’re interested in. No, you don’t need to be an expert on the topic, but it’s good to have a few ideas to share with your partner. So where do you get those ideas? read more

What do we mean when we talk about porn for women

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What do we mean when we talk about “porn for women”? Google it and you’re met with terms like “sensual” and “romantic,” “tasteful” and “erotic”. So far, so predictable. For the purposes of search engine optimisation at least, “porn for women” equals deep kissing, soft lighting, and slow, sensuous massage. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that, of course. I’d happily take all three of those things on any given day. But it’s far from being the whole picture. read more

Medieval sex, what was sex really like In the Middle Ages?

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If someone says the words “sex history”, the Middle Ages probably aren’t the first thing that springs to mind. The term usually conjures up the old myth about Victorians inventing vibrators to masturbate hysterical women or images of Masters and Johnson finally applying a “scientific” approach to sexuality. After all, how can the overtly religious and misogynist world of the medieval period produce a sexual culture? And even if it did, what does it have to tell us in our progressive sex-positive society a thousand years later? read more