Masturbation films, our top 5 hot male solo films for May

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Because May is Masturbation Month, we thought we’d share a round-up of five of our fabulous male masturbation films where our leading gents indulge in some delicious solo pleasure.

Masturbation is such an intimate act and to be allowed to watch, to have access and permission to indulge in a voyeuristic fantasy, is a unique experience indeed. We’ve collated some of our favourites to get you amped up and ready for your own masturbation time. Setting aside time for yourself and your own pleasure is not just a sexy treat, but really, an essential part of your self-care routine. And let’s face it, we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a few tips and ideas to inspire that desire.

from the film I MISS YOU

1 – I Miss You

A poignant title for the times we find ourselves in. We believe there will be many of us who have been under lockdown and in desperate need of some physical relief. In this film, Sylvan is lucky enough to have been at a luxurious party (ah remember those?) and now as he relaxes and basks in the aftermath, his thoughts drift to his lover who happens to send him a surprise package to play with.

The package contains a Tenga Egg, a very sensual male masturbator sleeve to enhance and add novelty to solo play. A lovely sexy film with a very hot erotic tale to complement it.

Man sitting down wanking and masturbating from our male masturbation films

from my film MY WANK BANK

2 – My Wank Bank

A fabulous wanking scene featuring the very saucy Jaydan who pulls you into his fantasy by glancing up at you as he lazily plays with his cock while looking through Polaroid photos. Who knows what sordid scenes he is looking at but they certainly have him all in a lather and it’s delightful to watch him give himself a generous fuck all for your viewing pleasure… and maybe a little of his. We catch a glimpse of the sexy action he might be remembering with the accompanying story to pull you even deeper on his erotic journey and add to the memories locked away in his Wank Bank.

man sitting down outside dressed masturbating

from the film I REMEMBER

3 – I Remember

Again, under the current circumstances, this is a rather poignant film. Sylvan reminisces about a beautiful sexy encounter. This is a glorious masturbation film featuring looking to camera and Sylvan’s voice talking so sweetly and softly. An immersive ASMR experience—he sits outside in the shade on a beautiful hot day, you can practically smell the dusty atmosphere—the birds tweet and sing and car traffic, plane noise in the distance all add to the heady atmosphere.

We are living in times where most of us can now identify with wishing we were close to a lover so memories bring us joy and comfort. Sylvan’s deliciously seductive voice, coupled with his sexy breathing as he strokes his cock, talking to us throughout, brings this film alive and raises goosebumps in all the right places. A stunning example of male sensuality at its best. Absolutely glorious. It’s actually pretty heart-breaking and has a sincerity and vulnerability to it that makes this one of the most beautiful wank scenes we’ve seen. Be sure to wear your headphones to get the most out of this visual and aural feast.

Black and white image of man masturbating in shower

from the film TEASE HER

4 – Tease Her

And in complete contrast, here we have Peter, shamelessly showing off his incredible body and indulging in a session celebrating himself and giving himself a fucking great hand-job. Tease Her indeed! Raw testosterone oozes from every shot and we can’t keep our eyes off him.

He starts by admiring himself, and why not, with a physique like that, who wouldn’t? We get to watch him too as he takes care of his morning ablutions in the lush bathroom. It’s clear he loves checking himself out and we’re very aware of the mirrors all around him. As he heads to the shower, we are in no mistake about that he’s intending. As we witness him soap up his magnificent contours, we really are desperate for him to reach down and grab that beautiful cock. When you’re in the mood to drown in sheer male lust, this film is perfection.

Man sat in leather chair masturbating

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