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It was early one Sunday morning, and I was awake. I decided to leave the wife in bed and go downstairs. We always slept naked whatever the weather, so I slipped on my lounge pants and a hooded jumper. I made myself a coffee and went through to the conservatory which is where I liked to spend my early Sunday mornings.

There was a chill in the air, and it was still dark outside, which had the effect of turning the windows into mirrors because of the light inside. Grabbing my tablet, I laid back on the sofa and pulled over a throw which covered me from my chin to my feet.

I had ambitions of being an Erotic Writer but was still at the research stages, so I decided to read some short stories to broaden my knowledge. I got myself comfy and started the first story, which I chose from a website that intrigued me.

The woman in the story was trying to seduce a man in a health spa with a little bit of self-love around the pool. Things began to get steamy and a little more in-depth, as did her fingers. The more I read, the more I was starting to lose myself to her. As she revealed her breasts and pulled her swimsuit to one side, I could feel myself beginning to grow. There was plenty of room inside my baggy lounge pants, so I adjusted myself over the throw. I read further as the man at the centre of her attention caught her masturbating. He was a Personal Trainer and continued to watch as she orgasmed.

Before I know it, I’m also being seduced by the sexy nature of this fictional character and my length is stiffening. As she walks towards him in the pool, she’s desperate for his huge cock. My hand disappears under the throw. I can’t help but get a closer feel of my growing cock, it feels nice under the throw, my cold hand chilling the fabric of my lounge pants. My balls tighten with the cold, they feel full and in need of release.

As the Personal Trainer starts to eat her pussy by the side of the pool, my hand slides inside my pants. My now warmed hand gliding over the warm skin of my fully erect cock. I grasped it in my hand and started to slowly stroke it up and down. Completely losing myself, I dropped the tablet as my other hand disappeared under the throw. It headed straight for my balls, the cold hand cupped and massaged them. I could see the bulge as my hand pumped my shaft, finding it a turn on watching myself wank. I pushed my pants down under the throw and slightly opened my legs to relax and free up even more room to pleasure myself. My eyes kept closing as I fantasised about the couple in the story and what they were getting up to.

I was completely oblivious of my own surroundings, just lost in the moment. I used my feet to pull back the throw to get a better view of my throbbing cock and hand pumping it. I watched my hand stroking the full length of my cock, paying particular attention to my sensitive end. I glanced up. Looking back at me was the reflection of my wife. She had come downstairs, but I had failed to hear her.

She had a dressing gown on, but it had fallen open, and she had one hand massaging her breast and the other between her legs. Slightly lifting one leg, she was rubbing herself at the guilty pleasure of catching me in the act. Our reflections made eye contact, but neither of us stopped. In fact, I shuffled around a little to give her a better view. In return she allowed her robe to fall off her shoulders, exposing her large breasts. Her nipples were hard and looked inviting, ready to be teased by my tongue. My grip tightened as the pleasure increased, pulling the skin back over the end of my cock. I leant forward and allowed my saliva to drip onto my cock, acting as a makeshift lube which only heightened the pleasure. I fell back to my comfy position and got a full view of the reflection of my wife playing with herself. She looked amazing, her blonde hair a little messy from just waking up and her eyes fixed on me. She grabbed the back of the chair next to her as she continued to finger herself. She lifted a foot onto the chair spreading her legs and opening her pussy even further to allow two fingers inside. She was moaning as she neared orgasm, her body tensing up as she got closer to the climax. My eyes were fixed on her as my toes started to curl and my hips thrust forward, my stroke was getting faster as a little pre-cum dribbled down the end of my cock, getting ever closer to finishing me off.

My wife moved her fingers up her slit to her clitoris and started to frantically rub with the flats of her fingertips. I could hear how wet she was as the slopping sound broke the silence.

“Oh God, fuck, yes, yes, YES”, she screamed.

She closed her eyes as her body convulsed with the intense orgasm.

As she relaxed, she massaged her juices into her pussy before raising her fingers to her mouth to taste her own cum. This sent me over the edge, my whole body stiffened, as I held my cock on a downward stroke. Closing my eyes, I shot my load, the warm cum landing on my stomach and hoodie.

It felt like ages before my body relaxed and my grip loosened. I opened my eyes and looked in the window, she had gone.

Confused, I wondered if my mind had played tricks on me and she hadn’t even got out of bed yet.

Still, out of breath, I pulled my hoodie down and my pants up. I jumped to my feet and went through to investigate.

As I walked into the kitchen, I saw her there. Her dressing gown tied around her waist, her hair slightly messy and a definite glow about her. I relaxed and smiled at her.

“Would you like a coffee, Darling?” she asked.

“Yes please”, I replied.

“OK and take that hoodie off, I’ll throw it in the wash”, she said.

I looked down and saw the wet marks up the front. I looked back at her, and we both smiled at each other knowing there was no better way to start a Sunday.

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