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Observations… being the observed.

From the safety behind a veil, within the heavy fabrics in a frame that filter out the outside world, I stand proud and watch…. waiting for someone’s attention to participate for the pleasure and for the sexual thrill.

As I prepare myself naked by slow, gentle half whispered strokes, anticipation creeps into my senses waiting for the sound of femininity, the sound of heels against the heavy pavement. A car draws up and parks opposite, I hide from full view now but yet a shadow ajar through heavy fabrics to see who will emerge from the vehicle. A young woman gets out the car with a loud slam of the door; I like the long flowing hair and blouse slightly undone augmented by the display of long elegance of legs leading the eye to heel. I confidently pull back the curtains just enough for you to hopefully glance a show of naked masculinity stood proud and erect.

Could I be the type of man you would want? Is this the form that you could find attractive?

You don’t glance up at first as you rush to pick up something from a friend’s house. I stand behind the curtain stroking as I start to throb veined to excitement, you then return walking down the path parcel in tow as I admire your sensuality and legs, your hazelnut hair suggests it could be pulled from behind in the act of lust in the fantasy racing in my mind. Of course, you’re unaware of this plot I’ve constructed within my reality.

To your car, you walk slightly in a rush as I hear the familiar off-beat tempo of heel catching the concrete with a slow slur of motion. Something catches your attention. Glancing up to the window you see my body in all its bleak display singled out by the frame of the square window revealed by the strategically placed curtains like a framed picture of a naked painting in a gallery.

You accept the form for a moment and admire the erection … just as a trophy on display for you. You give a wry smile and stare, I wonder if you want me to start stroking it or prefer it free suspended fully taut strained & stretched? As I’m contemplating the script of the [Peepshow], you get in the car and nonchalantly glance towards the window again, this time from the safety behind the wheel… The veins are pulsing & throbbing from the delight of the thrill… Smiling you drive away…

The curtains are drawn once again on this brief but exciting encounter.

The post MY CONFESSION BY B appeared first on FrolicMe.