My Confession by John

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This is a true erotic tale of my first anal sex with my wife V, how it happened, and how many years later I still remember it. It’s a confession about being naïve, first times, and how mysterious some women are about their sexuality. But it’s also about some women, who won’t tell a man what they want in bed, and probably will never get it.

But V was my second wife, my first being a bit of nymph who would insist on getting her rocks off (and mine too) every night. SM was Portuguese and very easy to go to bed with. She was open to ideas, positions, options. We had great fun going page by page through The Joy of Sex.

Sometimes SM would wear me out. She could have an O from being vibrated, licked, fucked. And if I wasn’t super interested the next night, she would wrap herself around me, press her sex into my hip and grind herself into me, or she would just cluck cluck cluck in my ear with a little tongue sound until she got me stiff.

If I wanted to get any sleep, I had to take care of SM’s needs.

It really didn’t matter how the O was done, as long as it was done on demand. But we didn’t get to anal intercourse. Didn’t need to I guess.

I can’t say I was interested in anal sex before this event I’m about to describe. But lovemaking with my V was only a monthly event for us. Not because of me, but V wasn’t raised to like her body or her sex drive, so the pleasures of the flesh didn’t come easy to her.

This was even more apparent to us because regular missionary type sex didn’t work for us. I could give her oral until she was fully aroused and then as hard as I would try, I wouldn’t be able to do the act long enough for her to climax. Nor would she touch herself to try to get off. She just didn’t and couldn’t, and wouldn’t. And she was passive, meaning as long as I did all the work, orgasms happened. But she didn’t even move her hips or try very hard. It was a challenge.

So what did V and I do about our inability to fuck? We were pretty good at oral sex—where I would give her oral sex, but just once per month. And the odd thing was it had to be during V’s period. Yes, that time when some women feel like they don’t want to be touched, or that they’re unclean, this is when V became horny as a goat. I think the fact that she had to pay attention to that part of her womanhood couldn’t be ignored. So she would announce that she was interested, and I would simply slip her panties off, and start to lap away at her swollen clit and after just a few minutes, she would have one orgasm. I could then fuck her, missionary style, and that was that. Wait 30 days and repeat.

I have to say she looked radiant and glowing in the throes of her monthly O. But we never felt OK to explore much and certainly, I didn’t feel OK to discuss anal sex with her when normal sex didn’t seem to float her boat.

At one time a little prior to my adventure in this story, I had been visiting some friends and when I was getting ready to leave and head home, they sort of blurted out they going to have sex, ala Greek after I left. I am sure I looked surprised, shocked a bit by their openness and candour, like why would they tell me this ( I wasn’t thinking it was an invitation, but it could have been). But as I raised an eyebrow, they both nodded vigorously without any regrets and it seems perfectly natural to them, but a mystery to me.

Back at home, I mentioned our friend’s revelation to V, who was shocked to hear about this intimate detail of their sex life. That was not the way we did things, and this wasn’t even the topic of conversation for us.

That night, we went to sleep as usual. Several hours later, I woke up—with my nightly woody. I was pretty stiff, and usually, I could just go back to sleep. But this night, I was without knowing it, on my side and in fairly close proximity to V’s ass.

I didn’t mention that I am that breed of a guy known as an ass man—I love the shape of a tight round bottom on slim but shapely legs. Even slightly asleep, I was able to sense I was just maybe an inch or so from her bottom. I don’t really know what was on in my mind then. But this is what happened.
I sort of sensed she wasn’t asleep either. And that she knew how close my stiff prick was from touching her.

She did not move away.

I moved a little bit closer and I could just feel the heat from her skin and the fabric of her panties. I got even stiffer.

But she didn’t move away or wake up or act annoyed. It just seemed that there was something happening so I let it happen. I moved just a bit closer, my hard erection pressed up against the smooth cheeks of her bottom. If she was awake, there was no mistaking my hard organ and its proximity to her ass and pussy. And still, she didn’t move, not a muscle.

I slipped out of my briefs slowly and carefully, as if she would awaken catch me. But not a word. I slid back in behind her and again there was no way my stiff prick could go un-noticed. I pressed closer and slowly started to move the head of my prick towards her pussy.

That was my hope. But after getting close to her ass, and the head of my prick feeling its heat, I stopped and considered the situation. I pushed, up against the material of her panties. I was in undiscovered territory.

V didn’t move, didn’t complain. As for my prick, it felt like I wanted to explode, so intense was this interlude. I moved again, slowly pushing her panties down her hips to a point where I could feel the skin of her ass. The touch of that smooth hot flesh was like electricity. I could tell I was leaking a bit, but slowly replaced the head of my prick at the site of her very hot ass. I pressed at it slowly. When I was about a half-inch inside, she groaned and pushed a bit herself, getting the head of my prick inside that tight muscle.

The sound she made was completely animal. She groaned, not moaned, and pushed a bit more and then she grunted. I kept sliding slowly into her ass. V and I had never had this kind of experience; I’d never done anything that resulted in this pure animal sound. Every man wants to hear this. Every man wants to have his hard prick drive his woman to never before areas. I was astonished, but into every second. I slowly fucked V’s very tight and willing ass. And she was moving herself on my prick. Slowly fucking me until I was all in.

She continued to groan and grunt, more like a rutting wild woman and in only a minute I felt her stiffen as her orgasm hit her. I exploded inside her.
It was great sex. Not what I would call lovemaking. I was more or less taking what she was passively offering. I never in my life expected anything like that to happen between us. Sadly, it was never repeated. Maybe she felt shame for the act, maybe it had some other kind of significance to her. But the sounds she made as we fucked that way have stayed in my head for a long long time.

I don’t think I will ever forget the incident.


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