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Coco, a long-time friend of my wife, Sugar, turned 50 recently. She is several years older than my wife but the two have been close friends since college.

We took her on a wine tasting trip to celebrate. During the trip, Coco told us that she was ready to turn the page on her life to finally spend some time on herself now that her kids were heading off to college.

Indeed, she was a busy mother when I met her almost 20 years ago. At that time, I had failed to really take notice of Coco’s attractiveness as she was just one of my wife’s college friends. Over the years, I started to appreciate her classic Italian looks: dark hair, brown eyes, slender frame, and beautiful brown skin. I also got to know and respect her as a loyal friend and a good mother.

Over the years, she was a welcoming host to her friends and family, and we always had great fun, conversations and fantastic home cooked food. In hindsight, I should have also recognized that Coco shared a unique connection with my wife since college. They seemed like opposites, Sugar was raised in Chicago of German descent with pale white skin and cool green eyes. Coco’s cute Italian accent goes with her European look, but they bonded as fish-out-of-water in that small conservative southern college. They also shared similar backgrounds: raised in strict religious families but exposed to European culture and influence.

One semester, they even shared a professor’s vacant house while he was away on sabbatical. Why again had they had stayed in the same small bed in that big old house? Was it too cold or too hot that they were sleeping in the nude? What was the detail about opening the windows and the peeping toms? I only heard snippets of the stories between their laughter. I always wanted to pursue the matter to finally get the juicy bits.

It was when Sugar and I first got married that we both benefited from the intimate advice provided by her friend and confidant, Coco. She was already married with children, and her sexy tips to my novice lover helped shaped our passionate marriage. I was never able to thank her directly, and little did I know that years later I would have that chance to return the favour.

Upon further reflection, there have been clues about Coco’s intentions that I should have noticed leading up to her 50th birthday. For instance, she confided to us over dinner last winter about a couple who made a clumsy pass to enlist in a threesome. At first, I registered her disapproving tone of annoyance about yet another man seeking her out as the sexy and available divorcee. But, now I see she was signalling to us that she is a discerning woman of refinement. Without putting it into words, she was implying that she may be open to such a sexy opportunity but only in the right circumstances. At the time, I didn’t have time to decode this message, but I am sure she noticed that she had my full attention.

Later, I wondered if Sugar and I would ever be so bold as contemplate a menage-a-trois, and under what circumstances.

A few months later, the three of us met for coffee quite serendipitously. Coco had just come over from her office and was dressed fashionably in something both flattering and sophisticated. We greeted European style with kisses, then sat in the spring sun at the informal little café in the old part of town. With spring in the air, I uncharacteristically flirted shamelessly with both of these two attractive women. I even said how lovely our threesome party made, and that every other man passing by must be jealous of me.

Just then, I felt Coco’s gaze fix on me, and then throughout the rest of the date, I noticed her appraising us somewhat differently with her brown eyes.

They had laughed me off but I could tell they enjoyed my attention. Sugar was into the game and enjoyed my new swagger. I saw Coco’s eyebrows arch at her approval, and I registered a twinkle in her eyes. Women like Coco are used to the attention of many men, but I guess she was surprised by the attention of the loyal husband of one of her dear old friends. Was she more surprised, delighted or just think me a teasing fool?

It was her love of Italian cooking that brought us together again. A few months passed and my wife contacted Coco about a pasta recipe. Coco generously insisted on teaching us how to make the pasta from scratch. So, the next weekend night we showed up at her large house with two bottles of wine in hand. We were expecting to be a part of a large group but were the only ones invited. No boyfriend in tow, no friends from out of town, or visiting relatives from afar and her kids were away with her ex-husband for the weekend.

Coco greeted us warmly with kisses in simple white jeans, red tube top and apron with her long hair pulled back. She was ready to cook!

I opened the first bottle of wine, and we mixed and formed the wheat and potato gnocchi pasta. While it cooked, I refilled the wine glasses and we all got a little tipsy and goofy. When the gnocchi was ready, we were then so famished that we started to feed each right from the stove. As the perfectly smooth potato pasta hit their taste buds, both the ladies starting letting out moans of satisfaction.

“Mmm, so good.”

At that moment I started imitating them all the way to a series of loud, satisfying moans and all the way to a faked orgasm much to their delight. At the conclusion of my act, I declared that it was time to open the second bottle of wine. After some more dinner, I sent Sugar and Coco off to the sitting room while I cleared the dishes. As I cleaned up, I was thinking about throwing caution to the wind and finally asking them about what happened at the professor’s house way back when.

Sugar turned on some music and the girls started dancing. Coco adjusted the lights, and the next thing I know I am watching the sitting room transform into a very private nightclub. The two dancers were getting down together holding hands and laughing. When the next song came on I emerged from the kitchen to squeals of delight. Suddenly, I was in the middle and they started grinding to the music, Sugar, Coco and me. They grabbed at me and Sugar started kissing me, then turned to face Coco.

Soon we all started French kissing and things started getting really hot.

The next thing I knew, we were being led up the grand staircase to the master bedroom by our Italian host Coco. My wife had a big smile on her face, and no hint of concern.

Discretely, I asked her what was happening and she said that Coco finally wants to watch us make love.

The master bedroom was suspiciously clean with the lights dimmed and things well arranged. We all crashed over onto the king size bed and I started kissing Sugar while Coco was removing my wife’s shirt.

They started kissing while I attended to Sugar’s pert breasts and my hands explored her down below. She was molten hot and very wet. I had no idea if this is the first time she has kissed this woman, but I like the effects.

Soon, my wife was pushing me over to her friend and I kissed Coco again, pulling down her tube top. And soon, I was exploring the soft curves of both women as I pushed them together face-to-face, breasts-on-breasts and they slowly enjoyed each other. I floated my attention back and forth over their aroused, wriggling bodies with hands, fingers, lips and tongue.

Eventually, they pushed me over onto my back and my wife pulled out my cock. Coco appraised the situation with those now familiar twinkling eyes, and my wife teased me with an urgent mouth. I kept my eyes focused on Coco and beckoned her to lie on top of me in a 69 position. As she did, her gorgeous pussy spread before me and my mouth watered. On the other end, both she and my wife and were minding me with their mouths.

The sensation of the two was intensely pleasurable, and I moaned my gratitude while applying my favourite attentions to Coco’s slit. Hearing her encouraging moans vibrating on my cock nearly tipped me over the edge, Slowly, I rolled Coco over gently to her back to give her my full attention.

My wife moved to kiss her and teased her nipples expertly.

I took care of my host with my tongue on her clit and my fingers in her soaked pussy. She was now double-teamed and under our careful ministrations. We teased her and slowly built up her pleasure. As she was nearing her climax, I added teasing fingers around the sensitive nerve endings around her tight ass.

Together, our efforts pushed Coco over the edge. She exclaimed something in Italian.

For a moment she was calm, and then she lost herself by coming loudly with eyes closed. Her whole body spasmed and she shuddered audibly.

It was a wonderful thing to share that moment with Sugar and making someone as beautiful as Coco feel that good was new and exciting.

Now, Sugar pushed me on my back climbed on top. We looked into each other’s eyes and were both amazingly turned on after what we just did.

Slowly Coco came back to life, face flushed and smiling sheepishly. Coco produced a purple vibrator from a nearby stash and reached around to buzz my wife’s clit from behind while she was riding me. I enjoyed the view from as Coco cupped my wife’s right breast and pinched her nipple lightly with her free hand.

Deep inside her, I felt Sugar’s excitement surge and I grabbed her around her voluptuous ass and started thrusting wildly. This electric combination proved too much for her and she came quickly, with a high-pitched scream and a long series of multiple contractions. God, did that just happen? These two ladies seemed to know how to have a great time together.

Was it planned? or did it just happen organically? I don’t know yet, but it seems that turning 50 might be pretty fun. Sugar smiled as she rolled off me.

What had they planned next? Would I get to fuck my wife’s beautiful friend?

“Ask her what she wants,” Sugar said.

I looked down at my hard cock, then over to this sexy woman lying next to my loving wife.

Coco was leaning back and looking at me with wanting eyes.

Yes, I wanted to please her, I wanted to please them both.

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