Audio Porn – 5 hot stories to set your ears alight!

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We are delighted to announce the newest section of erotic delights at FrolicMe! Introducing our new Audio Porn page, for those wonderful moments when you fancy some aural pleasure.

Popping in your earphones and settling in for an auditory treat is a wonderful way to indulge in sexy stories. Nobody knows what sweet seduction is going on in your ears, but as you carry on your daily life, a whole world of erotica surrounds and consumes you, teasing you with delicious tales and sultry voices. read more

Sexuality and the Menopause – 5 Tips to Embrace The Change

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Menopause and Perimenopause are tricky times in a woman’s life. As a fifty-year-old woman going through it, I totally understand why it used to be called ‘The Change’ years ago. It feels as if your body is waging war on you. Interrupted sleep, hot bits that used to be cool, dry bits that used to be wet. The worst of it all, a foggy mind and moods that fluctuate so quickly that you’d actually be quite concerned about all of it. If you could, in fact, be bothered to muster up any energy… read more

Anal sex beginner’s guide to the joys of backdoor pleasure

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There’s been some discussion recently about scheduling sex and if that works. Does it just ruin the spontaneity? Or does it give time to plan, the mental foreplay adding to the spice earlier on?

One area that scheduling time for and planning ahead is a great idea is anal sex. It does require some preparation especially if you haven’t tried before or only do it occasionally. To know when it might be in store can really build up the excitement of the moment. read more

The importance of erotica – 6 reasons why you need this genre in your life!

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Erotica is one of the most underrated genres in literature. It is often scorned, left out of literary prizes, and often not seen as a true intellectual storytelling platform.

Well, I’m here to say that in my opinion erotica is one of the most important genres in literature. You can explore characters through their internal sexual dialogue in ways no other genres can touch.

The importance of erotica is that it can deal with the heaviest of emotions and bring them to the forefront of the psyche. It can help to unravel the complexities of being human with all its nuances and depths. read more

Skirt Club – The world of a private female members-only sex club

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Now living in New York after five years in Miami, Genevieve LeJeune, founder of the female members-only sex club event company, Skirt Club is not impressed by the cold. I talked to Genevieve about the rise in popularity for her female-only sex parties and we Skyped on a rather cool day in New York and a positively tropical one in Edinburgh.

Genevieve was first inspired to host female-only sex parties after realising she’d been treated quite badly at some mixed-gender events she and her ex-partner used to attend. read more

What makes threesomes so irresistible? Our top 5 ménage films

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For some, the allure of threesomes is tantalising indeed. Three hot bodies entwined in the most erotic way, allowing their animalistic instincts to take over, limbs entangled, pleasure shared… What a treat!

We have many erotic films featuring the pleasure of threesomes and multiple group action—the perfect way to indulge your ménage-a-trois fantasies. To watch the sexual connection between three people can be extremely arousing. If you are in a monogamous partnership, watching erotic films together can strengthen the sexual bond between you as you explore scenes that you might not try in real life, but certainly use in fantasy. Watching films together is a wonderful way of opening up a conversation around what turns you on and what things you might like to try. For many, watching or taking part in threesomes can actually enhance relationships and the erotic pleasure that can be shared. read more

What is mindful BDSM and how can it benefit me? by Franki Cookney

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“Being on the receiving end of a serious spanking creates focus, drowns out all the noise and pumps out happy hormones for better sleep and creative thinking.”

Depending on your sexual tastes, you’re either nodding enthusiastically right now or frowning in incredulity. If the latter then you’re not alone. In the past, you’d have been hard-pressed to find the words “mindful” and “BDSM”  in the same article, never mind the same sentence but now it’s being compared to meditation and tantra and there are even accounts of BDSM being used to help overcome sexual trauma. While no sexual activity should take the place of counselling or therapy, both scientific and anecdotal evidence suggests we are starting to tap into the everyday benefits of mindfully-practised kink. read more

Sex toy review of a wand massager – Make mine a Doxy

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If you’ve ever asked a sex blogger to give up their Doxy Massager, you’ll get some form of the phrase “From my cold dead hands…”

I myself am a long-time fan, my purple Doxy original has been kept carefully in the nightstand for over 3 years now. It is a powerhouse of a sex toy. It is more than a sex toy—it is also a sports massager, healing every part of your weary body.

It is not what one would term a discreet toy. Indeed, it is loud and proud, mains powered with a 2m long cable to ensure maximum pleasure without any charging or battery issues to stop play. read more

My Confession by John

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This is a true erotic tale of my first anal sex with my wife V, how it happened, and how many years later I still remember it. It’s a confession about being naïve, first times, and how mysterious some women are about their sexuality. But it’s also about some women, who won’t tell a man what they want in bed, and probably will never get it.

But V was my second wife, my first being a bit of nymph who would insist on getting her rocks off (and mine too) every night. SM was Portuguese and very easy to go to bed with. She was open to ideas, positions, options. We had great fun going page by page through The Joy of Sex. read more

Condoms go luxe with HANX

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With consumers becoming increasingly savvy about sustainability and lifestyle choices such as veganism, it’s only natural that the pleasure industries forge ahead with these ideals.

One such company is HANX—a luxury brand of condoms shaking up the market and bringing us a new perspective on the humble prophylactic.

FrolicMe caught up with the unstoppable young duo behind the brand.

Sarah Welsh and Farah Kabir have known each since childhood, meeting at school and remained firm friends. Despite choosing different career paths, Sarah in gynaecology and Farah in investment banking, both women had a keen eye for business and wanted to capture their entrepreneurial spark together. It was during a chance conversation over lunch one day that they realised they could work with each other to really bring something new to the sexual wellness world. read more

In praise of the cunt – as women reclaim it back

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I remember there was a time in my life when I’d shudder at the word cunt. It seemed dark and dirty, a slur, a nasty put down, the very worst thing you could call somebody.

It is a hard sounding word too, with its c and t – it’s usually prefixed by the word fucking. You Fucking Cunt.

I remember the look of horror and eye rolling from my mother if it was ever said in a film. I can’t remember it being used on TV much back in the day. I think it seemed to be a very Scottish or East End of London insult. A Ray Winston sound. read more

Rediscover fingering, it’s so very underrated

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Fingering is such an underrated sex act, often consigned to the memory of first time erotic fumblings or teenage shenanigans. Bizarre when you realise, that fingering can be one of the most intimate and pleasurable experiences you can have with another person.

It can often be forgotten as part of the sexual encounter—or even the conclusion of a sex session, especially in long term relationships, so how can we bring back fingering and make it fabulous! read more



Polyamory is getting a lot of airtime in the media lately.

Five years ago, you could say “polyamory” in an average room full of people and get nothing but blank looks in return. (Believe me, I did. Many times.) A decade ago, this was even truer. But, having been featured in mainstream media as diverse as a New York Times article, a documentary by Louis Theroux and even a parody piece in The Onion, polyamory is, slowly but surely, becoming mainstream. read more


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Coco, a long-time friend of my wife, Sugar, turned 50 recently. She is several years older than my wife but the two have been close friends since college.

We took her on a wine tasting trip to celebrate. During the trip, Coco told us that she was ready to turn the page on her life to finally spend some time on herself now that her kids were heading off to college.

Indeed, she was a busy mother when I met her almost 20 years ago. At that time, I had failed to really take notice of Coco’s attractiveness as she was just one of my wife’s college friends. Over the years, I started to appreciate her classic Italian looks: dark hair, brown eyes, slender frame, and beautiful brown skin. I also got to know and respect her as a loyal friend and a good mother. read more



The Womanizer Liberty is a clitoral vibrator that uses a patented airwave technology and suction to bring you a new kind of orgasmic experience. It’s a handheld device with what can only be described as a suction cup big enough to hold a nipple or your clitoris. The sucking portion fully surrounds the protruding part of your clit and creates an almost airtight seal so that the motors deep inside form a fluttering sensation as if your clitoris is being suckled. read more


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ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and is described as a tingling feeling usually triggered by certain sounds. The sensations can resemble a rushing or the feeling that your nerves are being stimulated. It begins in the scalp and cascades up and down the body—resulting in delicious feelings of euphoria. ASMR is most usually triggered by audio recordings, sometimes with accompanying visuals. It can be as simple as someone whispering, stroking velvet or even pouring out dried rice onto a tray. read more



Rings have graced fingers for millennia. Digits just lend themselves to adornment—they are long, elegant and expressive. It’s only natural to add a piece of jewellery to them.

And you can read so much about someone’s personality by a glance at their hands. A statement ring on an index finger might suggest artistic flair, a thumb ring might suggest confidence. A treasured gold band or signet ring might pay homage to generations past. Rings tell interesting tales about their owners. read more


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Did you know that there is a bricks and mortar museum dedicated to the penis but no equivalent for the vagina? Well, all that is about to change. FrolicMe caught up with Florence Schechter—a science communicator, comedian and presenter who has taken up the challenge to redress this balance and bring a Vagina Museum into the world.

It was while researching animal parts for her Top 10 Animal Penises YouTube show, that Florence first became aware of how little research had been done on actual vaginas, whatever the species, including humans. She found a real male bias surrounding the study of genitalia with 49% of data all about the dick and only 8% dedicated to the vagina. The other 43% were combined studies. read more


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This is my true story which evolved into a confession.

Back in the ’90s, I was the young manager of a hotel in England. As it was a small hotel my position was very hands-on, involving chores that would have been delegated to someone else in a larger hotel.

One such duty was to refill the mini bars which I hated doing except on this particular day. Having already checked the first few, I unlocked the door to room no. 5 which was vacant but due to be occupied that day. As it was only lunchtime, and not expecting anyone to have checked in yet, I walked straight in without knocking. read more



Domination and submission play was thrown into the public spotlight by the Fifty Shades of Grey series, which focussed on a dominant male and a woman who became his submissive. The sexual/BDSM implications of such a relationship were highlighted and consequently many people who read the books explored bondage with a D/s dynamic in the bedroom. But being a submissive full time is certainly not all about submitting for sexual pleasure at any given moment. Much more is involved. In fact, a D/s lifestyle seems to rely on more conventional ways to nurture a partnership. In this article, we are focussing on male dominants and female submissives. read more


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Edging is the art of being sexually aroused to the brink of orgasm but halting stimulation just before the actual release. By doing this repeatedly the pleasure sensations build and build making the final glorious climax a stronger and more satisfying experience.

The key is to stop at the perfect point so that you’re constantly ‘on the edge’ of orgasm, teasing for as long as you can before finally letting go.

Edging can be a solo pursuit through delaying orgasm during masturbation. You may do it already without having heard of the term. It can simply feel natural and lovely to keep riding that wave of almost pleasure then when the release finally comes, the orgasm is much more intense than a regular climax. read more

Further delay to the UK Government’s Age Verification

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I am delighted to hear today, that yet again there has been a halt to the implementation of Age Verification here in the UK. In an announcement made earlier today, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have delayed yet again the introduction of Age Verification, legislation which was passed in 2017 and due to be introduced at the beginning of April.

This delay has come on the back of a catalogue of delays since 2017 which the government have implemented, whilst facing a growing number of issues and major concerns raised regarding the rights of individuals to privacy and the protection of personal data over that of finding ways of protecting under 18s. read more


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It was early one Sunday morning, and I was awake. I decided to leave the wife in bed and go downstairs. We always slept naked whatever the weather, so I slipped on my lounge pants and a hooded jumper. I made myself a coffee and went through to the conservatory which is where I liked to spend my early Sunday mornings.

There was a chill in the air, and it was still dark outside, which had the effect of turning the windows into mirrors because of the light inside. Grabbing my tablet, I laid back on the sofa and pulled over a throw which covered me from my chin to my feet. read more


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Sex toys are an amazing addition to your sex life, whether you’re single, dating, happily partnered or anything in between. But there are literally thousands of options out there on the market, and choosing can be daunting, to say the least. Never fear – this guide will take all the mystery out of choosing a sex toy, whether you want to get one for yourself, as a present for your partner, or for the two of you to use together. read more


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Word on the high street is that we are finally realising the value of using lube. What was once only a product known by a single brand, predominantly viewed for medical needs, lubricants have now grown into a serious player in the world of pleasure.

Lube now offers sensual, luxurious textures that remove the friction and provide deliciously arousing glide adding an amazing dimension to self-pleasure and self-stimulation for women as well as men. The joys of adding lubricant to your pleasure play are beyond comprehension and any stigmas associated with bygone products are rapidly disappearing, so much so this is now a booming market predicted to be worth over £1 billion by 2022. With a greater focus on wellness and personal pleasure as well as providing enhanced purer natural organic ingredients they are offering far wider appeal. read more

Why porn escorts are expensive to hire

One reason why most people are not able to hire porn escorts is because porn stars are very expensive. The rates porn stars charge can be ten times what high class escorts charge and this discourages many people from booking porn escorts. In the business world, professionals know everything about the principles of supply and demand, which provides a basis of why goods or services in high demand but low supply are too expensive than goods or services that are readily available. This is a concept all porn stars are familiar with and use it to set their rates. Generally, the number of porn escorts that can serve all clients in the female escort industry is very small. As such, porn escorts are in a good position of charging extremely high rates for their services or time. This is why, sometimes, if you are short on money, you are better off watching ginger teen porn tube videos. read more


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Observations… being the observed.

From the safety behind a veil, within the heavy fabrics in a frame that filter out the outside world, I stand proud and watch…. waiting for someone’s attention to participate for the pleasure and for the sexual thrill.

As I prepare myself naked by slow, gentle half whispered strokes, anticipation creeps into my senses waiting for the sound of femininity, the sound of heels against the heavy pavement. A car draws up and parks opposite, I hide from full view now but yet a shadow ajar through heavy fabrics to see who will emerge from the vehicle. A young woman gets out the car with a loud slam of the door; I like the long flowing hair and blouse slightly undone augmented by the display of long elegance of legs leading the eye to heel. I confidently pull back the curtains just enough for you to hopefully glance a show of naked masculinity stood proud and erect. read more

Auntie made a man of me

I had had very little contact with Aunt Mari as a child, principally because my mother was a twisted vindictive bitch. When my uncle came home from the army intending to marry Mari, his childhood sweetheart, he was concerned about the stories he had heard of women playing around especially with the American troops who had been stationed nearby. So Uncle had asked the Old Bitch if she had heard any rumours about Mari. As Mother later said to me “It wasn’t my business to tell him what she’d been up to” and had said nothing. Uncle went ahead and


Whilst on Honeymoon in Barcelona, we spent time in the Hotel Pool and Hot Tub exc… On this particular day a couple of kids were in the Hot Tub with their Dad! My wife and I slipped into the Hot Tub and I started rubbing her pussy under the Bubbles! She was getting excited by the expression on her face! One of the kids said something to their Dad in Spanish and they left! We are now alone, nobody was insight! So I started making out with my wife and turned her round and soon slammed my cock in her

My friends Munchkin mom 2

By 19 I was at a State University playing basketball and at 7’7″ I was a force to be reckoned with. I wasn’t a great player but my height made up most of the difference. After a game away in another part of the State I was taking pictures with some people and felt my leg being hugged. I looked way down and there was Manny’s mom. She was wearing her usual high heels but even then I could tell she was the same height as about my cock. She lifted her arms up to give me a hug. I

Double nominations for Frolicme in 2019

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This year I am thrilled to announce that Frolicme is up for not 1 but 2 nominations at the annual XBIZ awards held in the USA.

For the third year running Frolicme is named as a finalist nominee for Erotic Site of the Year and for the first time has received a nomination for a new category Female-Produced Site of the Year in this year’s 2019 XBIZ awards.

The awards ceremony held in Los Angeles each year recognizes in a professional light and honours the achievements of all facets of the adult business and is often compared to the Golden Globes of the adult film industry. It is the most comprehensive showcasing of achievements across the adult industry, an industry quoted as being worth $97 billion. Nominees for the awards were selected based on over 7,000 pre-nominations submitted by industry members. read more

Pedo Call

The Hotel Experience I love hotels. There’s just something about them that speaks “freedom”. An escape I guess is more accurate. Sometimes I just want to be away from my hometown where I can be someone else entirely. Most of the time I spend in my room looking at porn. Since I can remember (I’m forty-nine now) my interests have been for children. There weren’t any sites as there are today when I first started looking for the little ones on my computer. But now I’m able to download tons of sexy little girls and boys doing the real fantasy

Do you dare to go bare?

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There is something brilliantly liberating about being naked on a beach.  Whether it is the hedonism, exhibitionism, voyeurism or perhaps even atavism, it’s an experience that few others can beat.

And I have to confess, I am a closet naturist.  No-one knows that my partner and I enjoy it.  We haven’t told family or friends.  But that, somehow, makes it even more special.

We are quite recent converts.  Of the two of us, I was always a little keener to give it a go.  We are lucky enough to have a large garden, with a totally secluded area at one end, and a few summers ago we celebrated being recent empty-nesters by sunbathing and reading books totally naked.  It was a bit naughty, but we loved the freedom of it. And yes, it did make us both rather horny. read more


IT’S GOOD TO TALK, Part 1 ___________________________ Mummy calls out goodbye as she goes out to the supermarket. I listen to the black door slam and think ‘Yippee. I’m alone!’ I’m sitting in my favourite place on the stairs, with that shaft of sunlight that I think of as JUST MINE cos I can sit with my legs open and pull my panties to one side and let the sunbeam shine on Lucie (that’s my name I gave my pussy) I like to look down into her as I masturbate and make her wet, so the sunbeam joins in and


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I have always loved fitness since I was in university, my favourite pastimes being running, rowing and going to the gym at least 4 times a week. When I moved for my first job, I found it hard to get motivated and gave myself excuses not to get back into my fitness regime. I mentioned this to a colleague at work, his wife was a regular at a very exclusive gym and he encouraged me to go along with her (she could endorse my application). read more

Nipplegasm – No longer the unicorn of sexual experience

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So nipplegasms what do we think or know? I invited one of our writers and erotic authors Posy Churchgate to delve deeper and explore her findings and those of many other sex writers and bloggers on the mysteries of experiencing nipplegasms and the joys that come with them…

Let’s bust this myth, it IS possible to have an orgasm primarily from nipple play!  Not everyone has had one, but my research has led me to believe that if you strive to have one, following some of the tips that I’m sharing here, it is achievable! read more