Auntie made a man of me

I had had very little contact with Aunt Mari as a child, principally because my mother was a twisted vindictive bitch. When my uncle came home from the army intending to marry Mari, his childhood sweetheart, he was concerned about the stories he had heard of women playing around especially with the American troops who had been stationed nearby. So Uncle had asked the Old Bitch if she had heard any rumours about Mari. As Mother later said to me “It wasn’t my business to tell him what she’d been up to” and had said nothing. Uncle went ahead and


Whilst on Honeymoon in Barcelona, we spent time in the Hotel Pool and Hot Tub exc… On this particular day a couple of kids were in the Hot Tub with their Dad! My wife and I slipped into the Hot Tub and I started rubbing her pussy under the Bubbles! She was getting excited by the expression on her face! One of the kids said something to their Dad in Spanish and they left! We are now alone, nobody was insight! So I started making out with my wife and turned her round and soon slammed my cock in her

My friends Munchkin mom 2

By 19 I was at a State University playing basketball and at 7’7″ I was a force to be reckoned with. I wasn’t a great player but my height made up most of the difference. After a game away in another part of the State I was taking pictures with some people and felt my leg being hugged. I looked way down and there was Manny’s mom. She was wearing her usual high heels but even then I could tell she was the same height as about my cock. She lifted her arms up to give me a hug. I

Double nominations for Frolicme in 2019

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This year I am thrilled to announce that Frolicme is up for not 1 but 2 nominations at the annual XBIZ awards held in the USA.

For the third year running Frolicme is named as a finalist nominee for Erotic Site of the Year and for the first time has received a nomination for a new category Female-Produced Site of the Year in this year’s 2019 XBIZ awards.

The awards ceremony held in Los Angeles each year recognizes in a professional light and honours the achievements of all facets of the adult business and is often compared to the Golden Globes of the adult film industry. It is the most comprehensive showcasing of achievements across the adult industry, an industry quoted as being worth $97 billion. Nominees for the awards were selected based on over 7,000 pre-nominations submitted by industry members. read more

Pedo Call

The Hotel Experience I love hotels. There’s just something about them that speaks “freedom”. An escape I guess is more accurate. Sometimes I just want to be away from my hometown where I can be someone else entirely. Most of the time I spend in my room looking at porn. Since I can remember (I’m forty-nine now) my interests have been for children. There weren’t any sites as there are today when I first started looking for the little ones on my computer. But now I’m able to download tons of sexy little girls and boys doing the real fantasy

Do you dare to go bare?

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There is something brilliantly liberating about being naked on a beach.  Whether it is the hedonism, exhibitionism, voyeurism or perhaps even atavism, it’s an experience that few others can beat.

And I have to confess, I am a closet naturist.  No-one knows that my partner and I enjoy it.  We haven’t told family or friends.  But that, somehow, makes it even more special.

We are quite recent converts.  Of the two of us, I was always a little keener to give it a go.  We are lucky enough to have a large garden, with a totally secluded area at one end, and a few summers ago we celebrated being recent empty-nesters by sunbathing and reading books totally naked.  It was a bit naughty, but we loved the freedom of it. And yes, it did make us both rather horny. read more


IT’S GOOD TO TALK, Part 1 ___________________________ Mummy calls out goodbye as she goes out to the supermarket. I listen to the black door slam and think ‘Yippee. I’m alone!’ I’m sitting in my favourite place on the stairs, with that shaft of sunlight that I think of as JUST MINE cos I can sit with my legs open and pull my panties to one side and let the sunbeam shine on Lucie (that’s my name I gave my pussy) I like to look down into her as I masturbate and make her wet, so the sunbeam joins in and


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I have always loved fitness since I was in university, my favourite pastimes being running, rowing and going to the gym at least 4 times a week. When I moved for my first job, I found it hard to get motivated and gave myself excuses not to get back into my fitness regime. I mentioned this to a colleague at work, his wife was a regular at a very exclusive gym and he encouraged me to go along with her (she could endorse my application). read more

Nipplegasm – No longer the unicorn of sexual experience

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So nipplegasms what do we think or know? I invited one of our writers and erotic authors Posy Churchgate to delve deeper and explore her findings and those of many other sex writers and bloggers on the mysteries of experiencing nipplegasms and the joys that come with them…

Let’s bust this myth, it IS possible to have an orgasm primarily from nipple play!  Not everyone has had one, but my research has led me to believe that if you strive to have one, following some of the tips that I’m sharing here, it is achievable! read more