Saucy suggestions for a sexy seasonal sesh

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Ok so office parties are out—meeting up with friends is out—family gatherings are possibly now a no-no…

What’s left to fill our yuletide yearnings? We may have a suggestion or two!

While we have the time to make merry with just a select few people or simply ourselves, what better sexy Christmas gift than unadulterated shame-free pleasure!

We’ve got some ideas to ramp up your lustful longings to make sure your stockings are well and truly stuffed with sexual delights! Remember if you purchase a membership, print our special Christmas Gift Voucher to write a special message to present to a loved one.

Christmas erotic films

Ah yes, snuggle in under a lovely cosy blanket and get cuddled in for some delicious sexy shenanigans with a Christmas sparkle.

Kinky Christmas, a hot film of kinky sex at Christmas

You may be alone this Christmas so what better time to reacquaint yourself with your own desires and perhaps add in one or two new techniques—or even a little self-seduction with a kinky theme. We invite you to explore and indulge yourself with this lush Kinky Christmas film.

Celebration Fuck, an erotic film of a couple enjoying hot fuck at Christmas


If you’re lucky enough to have your partner with you at this time – why not watch this follow on film, Celebration Fuck.  To have your lover this year truly is a reason to celebrate. Get yourself going throughout the day by dropping little hints about what you’re going to do to each other—why not write sexy notes and leave them lying around… perhaps send a sexy text with a link to your very favourite erotic film

Fireside Treat with sexy massage

Now… once you’ve got your lover fired up and sold on the idea of a day indoors making sexy times happen, how about lighting a fire, or lots of candles, laying on down on your best rug and blankets, then open your browser to this absolute beauty of a Christmas film – Fireside Treat a truly sensual lovemaking movie with delicious massage and anal explorations down by the fire.

Even better, why not tease yourself further by reading the accompanying sexy story ahead of time to get you truly in the mood and even indulge in some hot gorgeous anal fun of your own. Here’s our guide to pleasurable anal sex to make sure your backdoor party is a joyful and erotic experience.

Naked girl getting pussy rubbed as she enjoys sex by the fire

From the film FIRESIDE TREAT

And finally, for those of us who love some girl on girl Christmas action, we have this beautiful film, Twinkle Twinkle, for you to feast your festive eyes on. Getting tangled up in fairy lights might have at one time been an annoyance, but when you watch these two beauties entangled, you’ll see it’s far from a frustration putting up decorations in this house. This beautiful sparkly erotic film and story really will have you begging and panting for more!

2 lesbian girls wrapped in lights kissing each other, before a naughty neighbour surprise.


Treat yourself to a kinky Christmas

And we all know, sometimes gifts we receive might not be quite what we were looking for… grateful though we are! It might be a lovely idea to browse for some new sex toys, especially those featured in your favourite films, and treat yourself to something you truly have on your very own naughty list!

They might not arrive in time for Christmas but just imagine getting rid of 2020 and heralding in 2021 with an almighty orgasmic bang of your own!

Wishing you and yours a very sexy and saucy Christmas from all at FrolicMe x x x

The post Saucy suggestions for a sexy seasonal sesh appeared first on FrolicMe.