The male ejaculation – jet or dribble?

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If you are a connoisseur of the erotic films on FrolicMe you will no doubt have paid particular attention to those delicious moments when the actors—men and women—reach their orgasm. And, in many cases for the women, it’s orgasms—plural. Just look at Daisy Steel in My First Film, it’s difficult to count the number of times she brings herself to a climax.

But here I’m going to focus on the men and when they come (I appreciate that there is a discussion about the spelling of that word and many opt for cum. I’m very firmly in the come camp so please bear with me if you are in the cum one!). Sometimes the male ejaculation is explosive and a jet of semen coats the bloke’s partner, or indeed partners. Other times there is just a dribble.


Jet or dribble? Does it matter? Is one a sign of male virility or an indication of heightened sexual pleasure? And is there any reasoning behind the mechanics of the male orgasm and that sometimes there is a jet and other times the same guy dribbles?

First up, what about the person on the receiving end? Let’s take a woman who has seen a few male orgasms over the years, author and sex blogger Francesca Demont.

Is a jet more welcome than a dribble when it comes to male ejaculation?

For her, this very much depends on the situation. “First of all, what’s erotic from the receiving end is seeing a man having an amazing orgasm. That’s more of an emotional response than a question of how the sperm leaves the cock. Getting the timing of the climax right matters more than what comes out. If his cock is in full view, it’s the cock that matters most. The physical response during an orgasm—the hardening, the pulsing, the softening—is a wonderful thing to see.”

However, there are times when she does welcome an explosive orgasm: “For a breast shot, it is more enjoyable when it’s not just a dribble. But that’s all in what the expectations are. If a man talks a lot about shooting his come all over my face, and then it’s just a dribble, it’s a disappointment. But only because of the expectations. Then it seems as if he normally can have a jet-like shot and something went wrong. That’s not so great.”

Male ejaculation, as semen spurts out of a cockSo, is a jet-like come a sign of male virility?

“Not at all,” says Francesca. “I’ve had great sex with a man who had prostate cancer at a young age and there was no come, no matter how good the sex was. It was just physically no longer possible. But the orgasm felt just the same, or as he described it, even better. Being able to shoot come across the room is nice, I won’t deny it, but it’s not related to a man’s virility. That’s much more evident in how well he knows his body, can control it, and—critically—come at the right time.”

What’s the relationship between male ejaculation and orgasm?

For Francesca, she does not think there’s a relation between the nature of male ejaculation and the intensity of the orgasm. “I’ve never seen a connection between the two,” she confirms. “Let’s talk oral. With CIM (come in mouth), the taste is so much more of a sensation than whether he shoots or dribbles, that it really doesn’t make a difference.”

In terms of the amount of come, there’s no real difference between orgasm types. A jet doesn’t necessarily equate to more volume. The amount of ejaculate will vary from man to man; if he’s not come for a few days he is likely to have a little more in the tank.

Male ejaculation, as man shoots over woman in threesomeWhat about the volume?

Volume is, according to Francesca, an interesting one. For her, more is better. But she is not judgemental: “He may have had an orgasm recently, has a natural tendency to produce less semen, has prostate issues (have them checked out if you’re 50 or older) that may all have an effect on how much ejaculate he has, but are not related to the intensity of the orgasm.” She continues: “Back to oral for a second, apart from the taste, just feeling the pulsing when he comes is amazing. I like facials, but prefer keeping my mouth wrapped around his cock, mostly because I like to keep his come as a ‘trophy’ in my mouth. More is better from that perspective, although it’s honestly really hard to tell how much it is when I can’t see it coming out. Even a little feels like a lot.”

So, having a jet is by no means a fundamental for an intense orgasm or productive ejaculate. And, indeed, sometimes a dribble can be more fitting.

There are occasions when Francesca has actually preferred a dribble: “Facials with someone who shoots are very unpredictable,” she says. “Aiming is really hard and most men try to shoot from a foot away, which never hits the mouth. What’s nice is to feel come drip over the eyes, or other sensual parts of the face. That can be an open mouth, even ears. Shooting is like an amateur throwing darts. If you’re trying to hit a target, a dribble is definitely better.”

Francesca admits to loving facials and for her how the come gets there is less important. “Gravity works just fine in most places,” she explains.

Male ejaculation onto woman's handBut what about male ejaculation in sex films?

Take, for example, four men’s comes in three films: Plaything, Please, Please and Divine Pleasures.  In Divine Pleasures, Ryan Ryder shoots his spunk right over Sienna Day’s face. It seems to be jet-propelled.

Let’s face it, the sex they have just had has been intense and Sienna with her choker and nipple clamps is beyond hot. His explosive come is understandable. Similarly in Plaything, Samantha Jolie gives Matt Ice a super hand job at the very end of the film and his come is jet-like too.

In contrast take a look at that moody threesome Please, Please. Here both Ryan Rider’s and Max Deeds’ comes are less projectile in nature and more of a dribble.

Unpredictability is very much part of the male ejaculation

And this is definitely something I can confirm myself. It’s virtually impossible for a man to know if he is going to produce a jet or a dribble. One day he can have one type, the next the other. There is not always a reason for this and a urologist is probably best placed to explain further that rather than me. But I can confirm from personal experience that the older you get, dribbles tend to be the order of the day.

Francesca’s views seem to be replicated among other women I have spoken to. But far less so among men. It’s us guys who seem to be more fixated with it and this is probably not a good thing. The more we strive for what we think (incorrectly) is the best performance with an explosive ejaculation hitting the ceiling, the more we are likely to be disappointed (at least some of the time).

That’s where I feel FrolicMe’s films get it right. Sometimes we see the whole come shot, jet or dribble, both are just as good. And sometimes we don’t see it at all—when a man just comes inside his on-screen partner and we may get some delicious glimpses of his semen easing out of the woman’s pussy at the end. Take a look at Hot Wet Sex where this is surely every bit as sensuous as seeing the moment of male ejaculation.

So guys, let’s enjoy our orgasms however they express themselves. And as for our lovers: please don’t judge us on the nature of our ejaculation. Let’s not get hung up about it, let’s all take it as it comes.

The post The male ejaculation – jet or dribble? appeared first on FrolicMe.